Standard Chartered

Visualising the World in 2030 with engaging infographics

As one of the world's largest financial services firms, Standard Chartered knew it needed a way to make its reports stand out from the competition. During preparations for Sibos 2012 – the premier event for the banking industry – Standard Chartered called upon Unison Creative to take a document of more than 250 pages and distill it into an infographic that made the value of its research and its brand shine.

Report Design
Content Development
Standard Chartered infographic

Taking it to the bank

Working alongside public relations experts at Ryan Financial, Unison sifted through the complex banking concepts in Standard Chartered's report, digging into our creative vault to consolidate them into visual form. The return on that work was easy to see, as conference-goers could pore through the bank's research either on paper or on their tablets. That generated high interest – the kind that makes both banks and their customers happy.

Standard Chartered infographic

Reaping the rewards

With Unison's help, Standard Chartered was able to take the concept even further. A package of multipurpose illustrations added value to the company's presentations throughout the conference and could easily be built into microsites. A diverse portfolio of icons and other material gave the bank a wealth of options to build on for the future. Creativity plus financial wisdom? That's an investment that will continue to pay off.

Standard Chartered infographic