Building a strong presence – and a partnership – in Asia Pacific

Rackspace is growing fast, expanding its enterprise-level hosting services to customers all over the world. When the company was ready to extend its reach into Australia and New Zealand – two countries with unique advertising sensibilities – Unison came onboard to help Rackspace give a digital “G’day!” to a new corner of its expansive market.

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Tailored Technology

Thanks to an innovative, quirky approach to the business, Rackspace has grown rapidly since it was founded in 1998. Its arrival in a new arena needed to be just as big and bold. Unison served up a dazzling array of e-mail campaigns, plus print and online advertisements to orchestrate a truly grand entrance. Collateral for marketing events, plus premium promotional items like notebooks, t-shirts and USB pens helped Rackspace get plugged in with its new audience.

Owning Their Domain

Within the first two months after opening their Sydney data centre in early 2013, Rackspace added more than 5,000 corporate customers. And Unison is giving them the tools to continue building that web: since the launch, we have developed more print and interactive projects, ranging from newsletters and a holiday video to industry exhibitions and webinar presentations. Since Rackspace headed Down Under – and now expands across Asia Pacific – things have done nothing but look up.

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"The Unison team really understand our value proposition and our brand. They service our APAC and Australia marketing teams and they are true partners that want to work with us to understand how we go to market while developing concepts that leverage design and creative to create that most important thing for our business – demand for our services."

- Joanne Schofield, Head of Marketing, ANZ