Latitude Brokers

Charting a new course in an old-school industry

Four veterans of the marine insurance broking industry wanted to launch their own company and chart a new approach for their customers. Latitude Brokers' philosophy for doing business was literally oceans away from that of their more traditional competitors based in Europe, and they needed a fresh, progressive brand to match.

Identity Design
Brand Strategy
Web Design & Development
Legg Mason Global Investment Survey - What Investors are Saying
Legg Mason Global Investment Survey - What Investors are Saying
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Navigating New Waters

With the needs of Latitude Brokers founders in mind – before the company even had a name – Unison took the helm and got to work. Starting with a strategic planning workshop, we built on in-depth surveys that identified the young company's core needs and the values the four founding partners brought to the business. These sessions led to a list of options for the new company's name, culminating in a stylized letterform that played on the nautical symbol for latitude over the course of developing logos and key messages. The end result was not just the perfect name, but a full identity system – from a logo and stationery to brochures, email and PowerPoint templates and a website – Latitude Brokers would need to set sail for bright horizons.

Legg Mason Global Investment Survey - Detail Image
Legg Mason Global Investment Survey - What Investors are Saying
Legg Mason Global Investment Survey - What Investors are Saying
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A Stalwart Partnership

The resulting design, integrated from top to bottom with the founders' dreams for their new business, has helped Latitude Brokers get off to a smooth start. Launching the brand alongside press releases, a website, blog and social media initiatives, Latitude Brokers has caught attention of a fresh challenger in an industry packed with tried-and-true players in all the right ways. More important, all elements of the brand are instilled with the same passion as the people who launched the company. And as the company continues to build its presence in Asia and around the world, Unison continues to make sure the face of the company’s marketing efforts stay aligned to the values defined in the earliest days of planning – laying the foundation for a branding partnership whatever forces Mother Nature throws our way.

Internal Process in the Studio
Project planning and art direction

We are a new business with four equal stakeholders all having very strong ideas about what we can offer, but not how to create a unified message and brand that defines us. Working with Unison was incredibly exciting as well as insightful for us – the brand was the last thing that we created in the process only after they had taken time to really understand us, our industry and how we want to be positioned and perceived. The Latitude brand identity is clear, both visually as well as philosophically, internally and externally thanks to the detailed process that we undertook with Unison. For us, the groundwork involved was eye-opening and, as each reveal took place as we stepped closer to the final brand, it was very obvious that Unison had absolutely understood us.

From there, building the brand out from the fundamentals, not only created real depth, differentiating us from the competition, but also reinforces who we are and what we stand for to our clients, the marine industry and in a corporate social environment. We have seen a very positive response from within our industry in the short time since we launched – our name is already recognizable, and the clever logo, with a nod to the marine industry, has created a real talking point. We are extremely proud of our brand and what it says about us and we are certain this will create opportunities for us ahead.

-Andrew Brooker, Founding Partner, Latitude Brokers