GMT Research

Launching a new company from the ground up

The field of independent financial research is marked by monolithic brands, and a host of small service providers looking to deliver reliable, readable content to investor, analysts and other industry experts. Building on a decorated career in the space, Gillem Tulloch approached Unison Creative to help launch his latest venture: a personalised financial research shop with a unique methodology for analysing the numbers. The new company needed an arsenal of unique, eye-catching materials – not to mention a name – to build instant reliability and recognition amid the crowd of online research providers.

Business Development Planning
Identity & Collateral Design
Website & Mobile Application Development
GMT Research logo

The Big Picture

Unison Creative got things started at a workshop with the company's leaders to turn core values, objectives and vision into a marketing strategy complemented by tangible visuals. After choosing a name, we developed a series of concepts, working with stakeholders to create a a logo, colour palette, image library and typography style for the new brand. From a tagline and corporate brochure to business cards and presentation templates, Unison provided GMT Research with the creative fuel it needed for launch.

GMT Research website and app

A Multi-Channel Approach

To put the new company front and center in the public eye, Unison created email templates, a website and a mobile app for iOS and Android, ensuring that GMT's content would never be more than an easy click or a tap away. A carefully managed social media presence meant that the company's expertise was broadcast across Twitter and LinkedIn. We even advised on video production, so GMT Research's engaging quirks weren't lost in the process of adding polish for a corporate audience.

Ready for Lift-Off

With our help, GMT Research went from being no more than a fantastic idea and a talented team to a respected name in the field. Armed with inspired design and clever writing, the company has a steady stream of web visitors and clients. And it has a long-term, strategic partnership with Unison it can count on to carry it to new heights.

GMT Research brand guidelines