Online Training Course Design and Development

EduLeader, an online training provider launched by the U.S.-based strategic planning and management consultancy Stuart Levine & Associates, had industry-leading materials and a roster of Fortune 500 clients in hand – but before the new company could launch, it needed an eye-catching, informative design for its inaugural course. Unison shaped the company's content into an online course that was both engaging and appropriate for a professional audience.

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Ahead of the Curve

Using Litmos, Unison blended course information, videos, assessments, surveys and more into an online course, then styled each component to bring a fresh but corporate-appropriate look to each page. CSS stylings advanced a multimedia agenda, ensuring that B2B decision makers and corporate audiences would give it high marks. We built a colorful library of fun illustrations that not only covered the course's key themes, but would be easily expandable as EduLeader’s curriculum expanded. The material would grow with the program, ensuring no class would ever get left behind.

EDULeader slides

Top of the Class

Working inside a short timeline, Unison's course design allowed EduLeader to launch a course to a pilot group in just months. That group's success gave the company the information it needed to continue growing. And as EduLeader expands its curriculum, the eLearning courses, based on a custom Litmos stylesheet, will expand right along with it.