China Water Risk

Branding and design for a non-profit web portal dedicated to communicating China’s water crisis

As a non-profit entity that raises awareness of the water-related risks of investing and operating in China, China Water Risk had oceans of data and a deep audience of investors and business leaders. After launching a pilot site at, the organisation wanted to extend its shores to specific sectors, providing its growing audience with information relevant to their businesses. That's where Unison dove in, helping China Water Risk navigate to a new brand and portal.

Identity Design
Brand Strategy
Web Design & Development
China Water Risk iPad App
China Water Risk Website

Setting sail

In creating the new brand, China Water Risk wanted to make sure that both companies and the general public could easily learn and share information. Unison sat down with the team and came up with a raft of ideas that would clearly highlight the organisation's work, showing the uncertainties about water in a region where Fortune 500 companies invest heavily. The result was an identity geared toward a corporate audience that also highlighted the organisation’s mission, explained in language and design that anyone could understand and appreciate.

China Water Risk Mini Book
China Water Risk Chinese Logo
China Water Risk English Logo
China Water Risk Stationary

Making waves

The group's website now submerges visitors into a vast resource portal more than 40 interactive infographics, customised icons and industry-specific topics. Unison also created a series of five booklets that China Water Risk distributes to help spread awareness--which, along with other printed material, are created using eco-friendly techniques. Add in social media platform customisation, and China Water Risk is positioned for a truly sustainable future.

China Water Risk Mini
China Water Risk Stationary