Chefs in the Community

A special programme from Feeding Hong Kong

Creating the perfect meal requires a delicate blend of expertise, ingredients and care. So when Feeding Hong Kong set out to engage the city’s culinary community, Unison had just the recipe.

Content Marketing
Collateral Design

Getting more cooks into the kitchen

Feeding Hong Kong challenged 34 of the city’s chefs to help feed the community by developing recipes and meal plans that made the most of staples frequently found at the food bank. The results were documented in a colorful, bilingual cookbook that promotes Feeding Hong Kong’s Chefs in the Community programme and doubles as a fundraising tool.

Setting the table

Acting as a creative partner in a collaborative process that involved the chefs as well as a team of photographers, copy editors and project managers, we whipped up a concept that fits perfectly in any kitchen, with versions of the cookbook in both Chinese and English. Two days of photo shoots put mouth-watering pictures of each recipe on every page. Ring binders allow the recipe cards to be removed, altered and swapped easily.

Perfect execution

The design literally stands on its own, sitting upright for easy access, and is divided by colorful tabs, all of which lead to recipes that are both nutritious and require less than HK$35 worth of ingredients. Feeding Hong Kong’s chefs, including those from Hong Kong’s Disneyland Resort, Cafe Deco Group and Sino Group, provided the recipes. We provided a smorgasbord of art direction, retouching, and print production — and we’re already preparing to cook up the next volumes.

A Balanced Menu

With Unison’s help, the Chefs in the Community recipe book was even topped off with a microsite featuring profiles of all the chefs in both Chinese and English. Feeding Hong Kong now has a fundraising tool and a way of raising awareness while whetting appetites. And that’s a result anyone would want a second helping of.