Client: Shangri-La Deliverables: Concept, Artwork, Design

Shangri-La Investment Management – A Fresh Look for the Annual Report

Annual reports rarely make a recommended reading list, but good design still has a place in these important tomes. With a C-suite directive to raise the bar in their 2014 annual report, Shangri-La Investment Management enlisted a partnership between Unison Creative and content agency New Narrative to produce a report that would entice and engage readers.

Checking In


Our approach involved a thorough briefing with project stakeholders from New Narrative and Shangri-La. Unison presented design concepts that extended the brand’s elegant style to a new frontier, capturing Shangri-La’s recent acquisitions and planned properties to highlight the company’s growth. With a tight timeline between final content approval and the report’s print deadline, Unison did as much advance work as possible. The overall design direction of the report was nailed down early on, and Unison’s production team cleared their schedules to apply the design across 240 pages of content in just one week.

Built to Last

Shangri-La’s sense of adventure was captured in the report’s typography and layout, which introduced infographics-style content to break up the financial text and showcase the company’s highlights and newest properties. The modern design has staying power for years to come, providing Shangri-La with a new template on which build for future reports.

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