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PAG – Digital transformation for 360º evaluations

PAG, one of the most respected investment firms in Asia, is built on the skills of its employees. Keeping track of that talent – and giving workers the feedback they need to thrive – is crucial to the company’s success. Hoping to take an outdated, paper-based personnel evaluation system to the next level, PAG asked Unison Creative to create a more nimble, 21st Century solution that would help protect and cultivate the company’s biggest asset.

Protecting investments


Working hand in hand with PAG’s Head of Human Capital, Unison crafted a web-based evaluation system that allowed managers and peers to file reviews anonymously and easily. A complex series of paper forms was distilled down to an online system that gives team leaders insight into individuals, departments, cities and even strategies. The site provides not just an overview of each employee, but details of that person’s progress at any point during the year.

Off the charts

The first version of the online evaluation program was up and running in 30 days. Since then, Unison has helped PAG continue to polish the system, adding functionality, sharpening the user experience and making sure the company’s brand is firmly represented with each release. The streamlined process has led to a 100 percent evaluation completion rate for each review cycle, giving managers a 360-degree view of their employees’ progress. And PAG continues to build its biggest asset: talented personnel.

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