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Client: Mercer Deliverables: Strategy, Concept, Art Direction, Advertising

Mercer – Bringing Smart Savings to Hong Kong

As one of the largest consulting companies in the world, Mercer’s team of human resources and related financial services experts operate in more than 40 countries. For the launch of its new Smart Savings retirement planning product in Hong Kong, Mercer needed help making marketing messages from the US and Europe relevant to the local audience. Unison took all the elements that made the savings plan a triumph in the West, held them up against the contextual background of Hong Kong and packaged them in a way that would catch the attention of a multicultural audience of B2B decision-makers in the city.

Gained in translation


A great idea stands out in any language, so we developed engaging straplines that worked in both English and Chinese. Pairing those words with clever design and images, we gave Mercer the goods they needed to reach a diverse target audience – as well as a broad team of internal stakeholders that included team members from sales and marketing to senior management and retirement and HR specialists. The message and images inspired
an eye-catching logo that we applied to
brochures and other marketing materials for launch events, including pink pig-shaped stress balls.

Welcome to Hong Kong

Everything Mercer needed to show off its new product in Hong Kong was ready to roll, despite aggressive targets for media release dates. Working with the company’s well-established branding, assets and team members all over the world, Unison was able to take the company’s global concept and make it local – a crucial step when making a big leap in a new market.

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