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Legg Mason – Trending conversations that jump off the page

Legg Mason is one of the world’s largest asset managers. And reach like that means an audience as large as it is diverse: its clients speak many languages and embrace many cultures. It’s a challenge to catch everybody’s eye at once. Yet that’s just what the company’s annual Global Investment Survey needed to do. Unison was enlisted to help the 2014 report results jump off the page – and it would take more than just text to make the data interesting and engaging.

Starting a Conversation


Unison tailored the report to fit Legg Mason’s global audience. The survey findings were divided among 12 country-specific reports comprising undistilled financial data and recommendations. For press events held around the release of the survey results, we condensed what might be considered dry content into engaging infographics, providing newsbites for media use. And Legg Mason’s internal teams have been able to take the baton of Unison’s art direction and run with it, creating additional market reports based on the original designs. The results were indisputable: clients knew exactly what the state of the financial world was according to Legg Mason’s survey, and soundbites and quotes from Legg Mason executives appeared in 12 countries across Europe, Asia and Australia.

Trending Upward

But Legg Mason wasn’t done. With Unison’s help, the company built a social media campaign that catapulted the survey results into the Twittersphere – and beyond. As the data spread, so did the company’s sterling reputation. Now Unison is working to breathe new life into other marketing assets and investor materials. With Unison’s assistance, Legg Mason’s marketing and design departments will have more sharply honed tools to deliver new content, all the while maintaining the stature of a leader in the investment profession.

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