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Feeding Hong Kong – cultivating a brand for the community

More than 3,600 tonnes of food waste are sent to landfills every day in Hong Kong. Despite the enormity of the problem, Feeding Hong Kong, a nonprofit food bank that bridges the gap between the environmental impact of food waste and the social issues of poverty and hunger, needed help establishing itself as a new local charity – and educating a city of foodies about the issues it was trying to solve. What started as a simple logo and website design blossomed into a long-term partnership. Unison now provides all of Feeding Hong Kong’s marketing and materials on a pro bono basis and is a strong supporter of the charity’s work as it has grown in the community.

Hungry for Attention


After huddling with Feeding Hong Kong’s leadership, it became clear that one key to the organisation’s success would be its educational efforts. More exposure to corporate partners and the general public were crucial to spreading the food bank’s message. First, the fledgling charity a professional and memorable identity – so Unison created a logo that encompassed the generosity and optimism of the organization: two hands holding a bowl filled with hope. The logo was applied to the stationery, website and other collateral Feeding Hong Kong needed to gain attention for its mission.

We are a small charity with limited funds and big dreams. As our design and digital partner, Unison Creative make those dreams come true. Unison have demonstrated the power of good design – that can engage, inform and motivate. As a charity, it has also meant – quite simply – that we have been able to feed more people in need.

Gabrielle Kirstein

Co-founder and CEO, Feeding Hong Kong

Room for Another Helping

The message expanded from there. The new logo became a stepping stone to a constellation of icons that illustrated the challenges and solutions to food waste, providing a consistent look and feel to each of the charity’s programmes. With Unison’s help, Feeding Hong Kong launched successful campaigns and advertisements to broaden its profile using video, digital presentations and print. Details from the front lines of the fight against food waste and hunger were distilled into easily digestible infographics that were published on the charity’s website. Behind the scenes, a new content management system helped Feeding Hong Kong easily track and maintain their educational materials and other content.

Making a Difference

The organisation’s message has spread throughout the community, from word of mouth to desktops to mobile devices. Unison trained Feeding Kong Kong’s employees on all the digital tools they need make sure that growth continues. To directly assist their mission, we provide all of their marketing services and volunteer with the organisation’s food collection efforts. The results are clear: Feeding Hong Kong’s strategic partnerships with companies like Maxim’s, Sino Group, Pret a Manger, Wellcome and Jones Lange LaSalle have enabled the charity to help thousands of in-need Hong Kong residents get regular, nutritious meals.

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